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I would like to thank Medserg for all its support. I do not forget your call that day, our first contact, you filled us with hope. Seeing myself getting better was all I wanted. I think I already won the year. Thank you so much. Thank you very much for your company. I recommend Medserg services to everyone.”

Sushanto Kumar Pal

Patient Information

Patient- Sushanto Kumar Pal
Age - 42
Treatment- ACL reconstruction
Hospital- Fortis Hospital Gurgaon

Patient Sushanto Kumar Pal from Bangladesh approached us to get the best possible treatment for ACL reconstruction in India.

We offered him treatment at Fortis Hospital Gurgaon where the Centre of Excellence in ACL reconstruction was performed by a well-known Best ACL reconstruction surgeon in India.

Our team members Ankit helped the couple with all medical arrangements and systematic stay during their medical trip.

The Family was delighted with the services they received and made up their mind to choose ‘Medserg- Always’ for all future medical treatment needs.

World Class Medical Treatment Using The Latest & Best Technologies At Affordable Prices is done with the help of Medserg

We wish them a happy and healthy future!

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