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Lutoviko Manu received top-notch medical treatment in India facilitated by Medserg. Discover his journey to recovery and the exceptional care he received.

Lutoviko Manu

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Patient- Lutoviko Manu
Age - 42
Treatment- Fiji
Hospital- Max healthcare Saket

“We’re Here Because of Faith”

In a bustling room in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at UPMC Children’s — with beeping machines and the chatter of masked medical staff moving to and fro — there is a quiet, precious moment of connection

In the serene islands of Fiji, where life moves at its own pace, Lutoviko Manu found himself facing a daunting challenge: the need for bypass surgery to treat his ailing heart. For Lutoviko, a devoted family man and respected community leader, this diagnosis marked the beginning of a journey that would lead him thousands of miles away to India, where the promise of advanced medical care awaited him, facilitated by Medserg.

Facing the Diagnosis:

Lutoviko’s journey began with the discovery of severe blockages in his coronary arteries during a routine check-up. Concerns quickly mounted as local options for specialized treatment were limited. With the guidance of his local healthcare providers and the unwavering support of his family, Lutoviko embarked on a quest to seek the best possible care, ultimately turning to Medserg for assistance.

Choosing Excellence:

Medserg, renowned for its expertise in medical tourism and patient care coordination, swiftly connected Lutoviko with leading cardiac specialists in India. Understanding the urgency of his condition, Medserg ensured timely consultations and facilitated the selection of a highly skilled cardiac surgeon experienced in performing bypass surgeries.

A Journey Across Borders:

The journey from Fiji to India was not just a physical one but an emotional and logistical challenge. With Medserg’s meticulous planning and support, Lutoviko and his family navigated the complexities of international travel, visas, and accommodation seamlessly. Medserg’s commitment to personalized care ensured that every detail was meticulously managed, allowing Lutoviko to focus on his health and recovery.

Expertise and Compassion in Treatment:

Upon arrival in India, Lutoviko was greeted by a team of compassionate medical professionals who understood the significance of his journey. His chosen cardiac surgeon, renowned for both technical expertise and compassionate patient care, conducted thorough evaluations and devised a personalized treatment plan. With the support of modern medical infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology, Lutoviko underwent successful bypass surgery, marking a crucial milestone in his battle against heart disease.

Recovery and Reflection:

During his recovery period, Lutoviko found solace in the warmth and kindness extended by the medical staff and his fellow patients. Despite being far from home, he experienced a sense of camaraderie and support that transcended cultural boundaries. Medserg’s continued presence ensured that Lutoviko’s recovery remained smooth and well-monitored, with regular follow-ups and post-operative care guidelines provided with precision.

A Grateful Heart:

Reflecting on his transformative experience, Lutoviko expressed profound gratitude for the support of his family, the expertise of his medical team, and the guidance of Medserg. His journey from diagnosis to recovery was not just a testament to medical excellence but also to the power of collaboration and compassion in healthcare. With renewed health and optimism, Lutoviko looked forward to returning to Fiji, carrying with him a newfound appreciation for life and the invaluable relationships forged during his medical journey.


Lutoviko Manu’s story is a poignant reminder of resilience and the transformative impact of accessible healthcare solutions. Through the seamless coordination of Medserg and the dedication of medical professionals, Lutoviko not only received life-saving treatment but also experienced profound personal growth. His journey serves as an inspiration to others facing similar health challenges, emphasizing the importance of timely intervention, expert care, and unwavering support from loved ones and healthcare partners alike.

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We wish them a happy and healthy future!

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