Liver transplant

The procedure in which the liver malfunctions and is replaced by a healthier liver either from a donor or a recipient. 

The liver is responsible for various functions such as.

  • Eliminating toxins and bacteria from the blood.
  • Generation of proteins for blood clots.
  • Protection against infection.
  • Absorbs fats, cholesterol and vitamins that are fat-soluble.

Due to severe complications that a person might be facing in the liver, they would be recommended for a liver transplant. It might be due to various chronic diseases and infections that might result in a liver transplant. The liver regenerates once the portion of the liver is donated to the person in need. Thus, making a live liver donor a perfect recipient for the liver transplant procedure.

In today’s present time, there are more significant number of people that are in need of liver transplant than deceased donors for livers.