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The team at Medserg provided excellent support, always punctual and caring. I found the treatment costs to be very affordable, and I was fortunate to be treated by the best urologists in India.

Samuel Arloo

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Patient- Samuel Arloo
Country - Ghana
Treatment - Urology and Ophthalmology

“We’re Here Because of Faith”

My name is Samuel Arloo, and I traveled all the way from Ghana to seek treatment at Medserg for urology and ophthalmology issues. My experience with Medserg has been nothing short of exceptional, and I am delighted to share my story.

Living with health concerns can be daunting, especially when local options are limited. I was referred to Medserg by a colleague who had previously received treatment there and spoke highly of their medical expertise and compassionate care. From the moment I contacted them, I was impressed by their prompt response and thorough assistance in arranging my trip and treatment schedule.

Upon arriving at Medserg, located in India, I was greeted warmly by their staff who guided me through every step of the process. The facility itself was modern and well-equipped, which immediately put me at ease. The initial consultations with both the urology and ophthalmology specialists were comprehensive, and they took the time to explain my condition and the proposed treatment plan in detail. This level of transparency and professionalism reassured me that I was in good hands.

One of the most significant factors for me was the affordability of treatment at Medserg. As a patient coming from abroad, financial considerations were a major concern. However, Medserg offered competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of care. I received treatment from some of the best urologists in India, and their expertise was evident throughout my stay.

Throughout my treatment journey, I experienced firsthand the dedication and kindness of the Medserg team. They were always available to address any concerns I had and ensured that I felt comfortable and supported at every stage. Whether it was scheduling appointments or arranging accommodations, their support was invaluable and greatly appreciated.

Today, as I reflect on my time at Medserg, I am grateful for the positive outcome of my treatment and the opportunity to have been cared for by such skilled professionals. My journey from Ghana to India was not just about medical treatment but also about finding compassionate care in a foreign land. I wholeheartedly recommend Medserg to anyone seeking quality medical care abroad, especially in the fields of urology and ophthalmology. Thank you, Medserg, for making a difference in my life.

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We wish them a happy and healthy future!

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