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At Medserg, we believe in ensuring the best care with access to cutting-edge technology and expertise for every patient. Hear one of our International patients’ experiences that stands as a testament to our efforts.

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Patient- Mrs. Jennifer OkohCountry – Zambia Treatment- Breast Cancer TreatmentDoctor- Dr. Vipra ShreeHospital- Fortis Hospital Gurgaon

Medserg is happy to assist Mrs. Jennifer Okoh from Zambia who visited India for Breast cancer treatment. She was assisted by Mrs. Jennifer Okoh. 

Ayushi, our case manager and operations executives Arjun and Abhinav helped her get the best medical treatment coordination. 

Mrs. Jennifer Okoh was impressed by the prompt service she received from us and also came to visit our Medserg office in Gurgaon. She was delighted to meet our team and wished us well as we continued to provide the best possible care to patients.

We wish Mrs. Jennifer Okoh a very happy and healthy future!

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