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Medical Visa to India from Senegal. All about Visa application process, cost of Visaembassy details, documents required and important websites.

Medical Tourism to India for Senegal Patient

Medserg Health is one of the most trusted medical tourism in India and a healthcare facilitator in India. It has been effectively providing healthcare services to patients and helping patients across the globe at reasonable prices.

Medserg Health is a leading medical tourism service provider of India, catering to international patient care and assuring the absolute best assistance to individuals in quest of all kinds of medical treatments and surgeries available in India.

The hospitals and clinics related to us are amongst the foremost progressive ones and have the foremost advanced facilities that are at par with international standards. Not only this, the treatment packages and programs are designed and customized as per the wants of the patients and match global benchmarks. Medserg Health provides you with easy and smooth access to the most important network of healthcare providers – hospitals, nursing homes, surgeons, physicians, and clinics of India.

A network that’s spread across quite 20 cities of India and there are quite 2000 healthcare professionals within the panel. We are an ISO-certified company for all our administrative protocols ensuring safe and best practices for our patients.

Affordable Medical Treatments in India for Senegal

Are you look out for good quality medical facilities?

We are always ready to help all Senegaln friends who are seeking treatment in India for healthcare issues.

You will get medical tourism details and has all the information focused on the aspects related. One can find various healthcare treatments and procedures, compare the cost for treatment in hospitals in India, Language Assistance, Special packages, second opinion, process flow, medical visa, Indian Embassy in Senegal, and much more. If you have any dough or queries you can mail us.

Why it’s better to Choose Medserg Health to get treatment/surgery?

People can think that why to get services form Medserg? We can easily conntect with hospital and get treatent.

  • The major difference is we are not taking any kind of service charges form the patient its totally free.
  • You will get indepth information about each and every thing about your sergery/treatment, accomodation, travel in India, Cab services and much more.
  • You can compare diferent hospitals and doctors speciality, expirience and other information from Medserg only.
  • Patient should get moral support, interpretors/Language Translator free service from Medserg.
  • We assist to get medical visa, Follow ups after treatment, send medicines to your country home. and much more.

Senegaln Citizens are very sensitive towards their health requirements. Since the medical infrastructure isn’t so matured in Senegal, patients like better to travel abroad for medical management. Earlier only the rich Senegalns could visit other countries to urge treatment, but nowadays it’s easy to urge treatment and surgeries in India for folk also.

India is emerging together of the simplest and leading medical tourism hubs within the world. Medserg Health because the name suggests has always been at the forefront in fulfilling these needs and has become the foremost preferred healthcare-related service provider company for Senegaln Patients.

With the best support from the Indian government for medical tourism, a large number of Senegalns are traveling to India for various medical and surgical procedures. The major reason for the attention of these patients is the availability of reasonably priced treatments.

The patients from Senegal can save a lot of money compared to what they have to shell out in their own country. The majority of the treatments in India cost about as low as one-tenth of what they cost in Senegal.


Senegal is also one of the developing African continent nations. According to the World Bank, the country is one of the most stable ones in that zone.

The country had gained its independence in 1960. In the last 60+ years, it has undergone three peaceful political transitions.

President Macky Sall got his first throne in 2012. His political sensuousness could hold him to winning the election in 2019 and taking the 2nd round of administration.

Mauritania, Mali, Guinea, and Guinea-Bissau are four Border States of Senegal. The tropical country has a moderate population. Around one-fourth of the 16.7 million people live in Dakar. Thus, population concentration in the other regions is too low.


The healthcare sector in Senegal has both public and private counterparts. However, the general medical care pattern in the country is in a developing stage.

People are too less concerned about their health. Only 32% of the households in rural areas adopt regular check-ups. It also causes fundamental disease spread in these areas.

International organizations are working there to provide aid. It has worked in ensuring more access to medical facilities.

For Instance, USAID has originated a medical care program there, known as Health Systems Strengthening.


The organization is trying to establish a performance-based healthcare financing project in six country regions. They could involve nearly 75% of the population in the program.

Likewise, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also works with a similar objective. Their mission is to reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS in the country. We know their project as the HIV sentinel surveillance program.

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