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Mr. Tope Tunde Adesoji had a problem in his left leg which was over 42 years old. Throughout the years he had consulted several doctors, and undergone multiple treatments to get relief, but unfortunately, none of them proved to be effective.

Patient Information

Full Name - Tope Tunde Adesoji
Age - 42
Treatment - Spine Surgery

Story –

Mr. Tope Tunde was introduced to BLK Super Specialty Hospital, Delhi by his brother, who had a very positive experience while receiving treatment at the hospital. 

He didn’t waste any time and came to the hospital. Dr Pradeep Sharma was in charge of Mr. Tope’s treatment, the Director and HOD of BLK’s Orthopedic and Spine Surgery Centre. The doctors at BLK Hospital studied his case running a series of tests for determining the cause of the problem. 

A problem was detected in his hip which was treated via a surgical procedure. Within two days after the surgery, Mr. Tope was put on rehabilitation therapy and was able to move his legs without experiencing any pain.

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