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“Skipping breakfast cost me my life,” says Shweta Kardam who was on the verge of losing her life due to failed kidney.

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Full Name - Shweta Kardam
Age - 27
Treatment - Kidney Transplantation

Story –

It was back in her college days, where she realised that skipping breakfast caused some germs to enter her body and cause severe problems. Further, the problem aggravated when she consulted several doctors that prescribed multiple prescriptions which then lead to the infection of pulmonary TB that damaged her kidneys completely.

She was looking for some alternative solution, and that’s when she checked out Medserg where she found out about BLK hospital and about the treatment options they have to offer. She visited them through the guidance of Medserg and whom to meet over there and she met Dr Sunil Prakash who told her that she would need dialysis because the kidneys have failed and there is the excess water content in the body. But it was after a few months that she was blessed with an organ donor who saved her life and all thanks to Dr Sunil Prakash and his team, they were able to save her life with the donor’s kidneys.

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