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Rafiquallah from Bangladesh Begins His Life Post Heart Surgery with Fresh Vigour

What brought you to India?

Rafiquallah Malik was suffering from chest pain for a long time. Not just this, he would feel short of breath even after walking a few steps. At times, his hands and feet would swell up. When the symptoms got more frequent, he finally decided to get himself treated by the best cardiac surgeon in India


How did you choose the hospital for your checkup?

When I was searching for the best hospital, I found out about Medserg  on Internet. I posted a query on their website and received a call back from one of their case managers. She helped me with the list of topmost doctors and their profiles. The case manager also got me hospital opinions and associated quotes.


How was your visit to India arranged?

Finally, I decided to visit the Fortis Escort Heart Institute, New Delhi. The Visa Invitation Letter was arranged by the team from the hospital. The visa application process was also done by the Medserg team. I only had to give my information. Other than this, the accommodation was also arranged by the team as per my preferences. Our pickup and drop-off from the airport were also arranged by team members. They facilitated my trip very smoothly.


What was your experience at the hospital?

After I arrived in India, I was picked up from the airport and my appointment was scheduled with Dr Atul Mathur. He took a detailed medical history and heard me patiently. He also conducted the physical examination and advised further investigations.  After the reports came back, the doctor revealed that there was a severe blockage in my blood vessels and I would need Coronary Heart Bypass Surgery, as a part of which another pathway would be created to facilitate the flow of blood. The surgery finally took place on a scheduled date. I stayed in the hospital for a few days, and then the doctor discharged me after consulting me about the post-operative lifestyle changes that I would need to make. Since then, I have been recovering well. 


Tell us about your overall experience of the visit.

Everything throughout my visit to India was pleasant. I did not have to worry about anything. The operations team executive from Medserg was always there for anything I needed. They took care of everything from my pickup, accommodation, billing, etc.

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