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MrsSabeeha Hameed Ali, an Iraqi patient came to India with her husband, after doctors in Iraq gave a skeptical response to the possibility of correcting her vision.

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Full Name - Mrs Sabeeha Hameed Ali
Age - 49
Treatment - Retina Surgery

Story –

Mrs. Saheeba’s vision was getting blurrier with her age, causing her to live a life of dependency.

She had been exploring treatment options in Iraq for a while now, but none of the ophthalmologists there were able to provide a substantial solution. Rather, she felt discouraged after consulting them. Then on somebody’s recommendation, she decided to come to India and receive treatment from Spectra Eye Hospital, Delhi.

At the eye center, she met Dr. Suraj Munjal, who is among the top ophthalmologist in India, who also performed a retina surgery on her, and corrected her vision.

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