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After Living with His Amputated Hand for Several Years Maneer Balarabe from Nigeria Gets His New Prosthetic Hand in India


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Full Name - Maneer Balarabe
Age - 43
Treatment - New Prosthetic Hand

Story –

It is pretty difficult for a person to explain how his life is without one of his hands. He may be performing the daily chores just like we do. But unlike us he faces difficulties and is in a constant need for assistance. Unlike us he is reminded everyday that one of his hands is missing and that he has to put some extra effort to put on his shirt or his signature on paper. Maneer Balarabe is a 43-year-old business man from Nigeria whose right hand is amputated from below the elbow.

“I met with an accident some years ago because of which my right hand had to be amputated from below the elbow. I have been living like this since then. It has obviously been quite difficult for me, both physically and mentally, to cope with my life and I needed a solution to this problem”, said Maneer. 

While looking for various treatment options over the internet, he came across Medserg Health’s website. “I got a very quick response from Medserg patient manager after I dropped my query in their website. She told me everything about prosthetic hands, its different types and their functions and the pros and cons of having one. By the end of our call I was pretty much clear what I had to do and that I have reached out to the right people”, said he.

At Born Life Prosthetic and Orthotic Inc. in Delhi Maneer got his semi-automatic prosthetic hand. “After all these years since that traumatic incident, this is the first time that I am getting the opportunity to use my right hand. I cannot put in words how grateful and how ecstatic I feel right now. It is magical how the prosthetic responses to the nerves and acts accordingly. Now I can hold, grab, pick up and put down any object. It is like I am born again”, Maneer grinned. 

Based on their functions, manual, semi-automatic and automatic are the three kinds of prosthetic hands. The semi-automatic prosthetic hand, unlike, manual prosthetic hand, does not require a separate harness system to control its movements. Electric motors powered by batteries are installed in the device that picks up EMG (electromyography) signals from the skin. These signals are then transmitted to a processor that finally decides the motor function.   

A preliminary training followed by a set of instructions on how to use and maintain the prosthetic hand was imparted to Maneer by Mr. Shambhu Kumar Yadav. Happy with the treatment he added, “The staffs at Bornlife are very cordial and amiable. Mr. Yadav helped me to get accustomed to my new hand and was very patient”.


Maneer also said, “It’s rare to find an organization that is so honest and sincere. I am very lucky to have found Medserg. It is because of their sincere endeavors that I have got my hand today. Even before I arrived in India, I knew which doctor I will be going to, where I will have my treatment and the expense of my medical trip to India. I was constantly assisted and guided by Medserg patient team when I was in India. It has been a memorable experience throughout. Thank you Medserg”.

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