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Delighted with the assistance provided by the team of Medserg Health, Amirah Orama and his family thanked us for a comfortable stay in India.

Amirah Orama – Heart Transplant

Patient Information

Patient- Amirah Oramai
Age - 03
Treatment- Bangladesh
Hospital- Columbia Asis, Gurgaon

“We’re Here Because of Faith”

In a bustling room in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at UPMC Children’s — with beeping machines and the chatter of masked medical staff moving to and fro — there is a quiet, precious moment of connection between a mother and daughter in the midst of it all.

Gladys leans in close to the tightly wrapped bundle of blankets in the hospital bed, and in a voice that can only be described as filled with a mother’s love, gently calls her daughter’s name.

“Amirah,” she says. It’s a name that Gladys and her husband, José, would later share means “princess,” “treetop,” and “one who rises.

The family received a phone call directly from Medserg Team, They were surprised and delighted to learn that they consult with best Heart Transplant Surgeon in India. All the pieces were falling into place, but for Gladys and José, it wasn’t merely a coincidence.

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World Class Medical Treatment Using The Latest and Best Technologies At Affordable Prices is done with the help of Medserg

We wish them a happy and healthy future!

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