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How much does a hip replacement cost?

What Is the Cost of Hip Replacement Surgery?

Hip replacement, or hip arthroplasty, is a surgery that replaces an artificial joint or implant for a diseased or damaged hip joint. Hip replacements are usually given to people when arthritis causes severe hip pain and inflammation. Other common causes of hip replacement surgery are hip fracture and normal wear and tear. Hip replacements help many people to regain mobility and find relief from joint pain, but some risk accompanies hip replacement surgery and requires months of recovery.

Prospective patients should know that the implants will not last forever, and certain hip implants have a better record of protection than others. They should take steps to make sure that a hip replacement is right for them, and that the device they receive has a success story. The hip replacement surgery cost in India varies based on the procedure and diagnosis.

Why Should I Need Surgery on Hip Replacement?

Surgical hip replacement is a treatment for hip pain and disability. The most common cause of hip replacement surgery is osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is responsible for the deterioration of joint cartilage in the knee. Cartilage and bone damage restrict mobility and can cause pain. Individuals with extreme pain from a degenerative joint condition cannot be able to perform regular tasks requiring hip bending. Those activities include sitting and walking.

Other arthritis forms such as rheumatoid arthritis and arthritis resulting from hip injury may also damage the hip joint. Hip replacement may also be used for treating certain fractures in the hip. A fracture is always a lingering injury from a fall. Fracture pain is intense. Walking or just moving your leg can cause pain.

What Happens After Surgery With a Hip Replacement?

You will typically spend four to six days in the hospital and will have to lie in bed with a wedge-shaped pillow between your legs to hold the new hip joint in place. Physical therapy usually begins the day after the procedure, and you can walk with a walker or crutches within days. The physical rehabilitation will proceed for weeks to months after the surgery.

What Can I Do After Hip Replacement Surgery at Home?

Hip replacement cost in India differs based on different types of hip replacement surgery performed on the patient based on the treatment plan. And since hip is a significant part, enough care should be taken to protect them even after the replacement surgery. There are a few easy steps you can take to make life more comfortable after a hip replacement operation when you return home, including:

  • Keep climbing stairs to a minimum. Make the arrangements necessary, so you only need to go up and down the steps once or twice daily.
  • Sit in a straight-back, stable chair. It should not be used on recliners.
  • Remove all throwing rugs and keep the floors and rooms clutter-free to help prevent falls.
  • Using a seat with an elevated toilet. It will help prevent you from leaning over the hips too far.
  • Before returning to activities such as driving, sexual activity, and exercise, you should ask your doctor.


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