Everything you need to know about common Heart Disease

Do you know heart disease is one of the primary causes of death in one of the most developed countries, the USA? As per the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, more than six lakh people die every year due to heart diseases just in the USA. 

Every day, lakhs of people visit the best cardiologist in India for insulation, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. Various heart conditions and problems are collectively called heart diseases.

So the question is, what are the common heart diseases? Be with us. We’ll cover top heart diseases everyone should know. 


This is a common heart disease in India that starts with pain in the chest, arm, neck, stomach, and jaw area. The root cause of that pain is an insufficient supply of blood flow to your arteries. 

The common cause is all of the sudden chest pain. If you have this issue, seek medical help from hospitals like Apollo, fortis, BL Kapoor, etc. In case of any assistance in admission, or accommodation, you can contact Med Serge. 

There are multiple stages of Angina, such as unstable Angina, where a person feels a sudden worsening of Angina. In the initial stage of Angina, when not treated well in advance, it takes to the severe strict in blood supply, further leading to a big risk of life. 

A leading cardiologist in India does the heart examination and ensures the problem is cured so that the probability of heart attack could be avoided.

Heart attack

A heart attack or myocardial infarction or MI is a medical condition when the blood supply to the heart gets completely blocked due to any reasons. The usual cause of heart attack is breaking off the fatty material and forming blood clots.

Heart failure

The heart has a particular function to push blood throughout the body. So when it doesn’t perform well, the complete organs get affected, developing symptoms like breathlessness, fatigue, hypertension, etc. This condition is called heart failure, and contacting a doctor is immediate. 

Arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythms)

We must have known about the heartbeat. But do you know it works for a purpose? The heart has an electrical system for stimulating the heartbeat. So ideally, it should normally beat, which indicates a good heart. 

In another way, both too fast beating (tachycardia) and too slow beating (bradycardia) need the attention of cardiologist doctors in India. 

Valve disease 

Our heart has valves that regulate the flow of blood through the heart. Problems with valves bring a range of health complications such as breath shortness, ankle swallowing, fatigue, fainting, chest pain and more. 

Other heart diseases

Other heart-related issues are blood pressure, congenital heart conditions, inherited heart conditions and more. 

According to the best cardiac surgeons in India, most heart diseases are caused when coronary arteries get narrowed or blocked. Due to that, the heart feels inability in getting enough blood supply leading to a heart attack. 

Final Thoughts

You must have understood that our heart is prone to multiple diseases. Regular heart checkup and prevention is the best way to keep it healthy. In case of any heart-related issues, immediately contact the best cardiac surgeon in India directly or through us for better treatment.

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