Why a Preferred Destination for Orthopedic Surgeries is INDIA?

In India, the medical tourism sector is developing remarkably. It was assessed to be US$3 million in October 2015, and by 2020, it is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 200% to reach US$9 million.

Due to the high-quality healthcare services offered to patients from all over the world by top-tier hospitals located throughout the nation, India is fast becoming a popular destination for medical tourism. Cardiology, orthopedics, particularly joint replacement surgery, and nephrology are in-demand specialties where in-bound patients may save up to 70%.

India – a fertile ground for Orthopedics treatment!

The Indian medical industry provides patients from throughout the world with a wide range of affordable treatment options. It offers world-class facilities and highly skilled surgeons who cater to successful orthopedic surgery.

For instance, if we discuss knee surgery, 85 to 90 percent of total knee replacement treatments usually have a 10 to 15-year success rate. However, the patient’s general health may also have a role. Because this procedure is popular and has the highest success rate among the top orthopedic facilities in India, which are well-equipped with cutting-edge technology, it has been made possible.

What is the average life expectancy of a total knee replacement?

As knee replacement surgery is a major one, it is mainly performed to resurface the knee joints and its surrounding parts damaged due to traumatic arthritis, injury, musculoskeletal trauma, infections, tumors, degenerative diseases, spine disorders, etc. These joints and parts are replaced with knee implants that are made up of metal or plastic. Depending on the type and quality of implant used, these implanted artificial knees are in an operational mode even after 20 years.

Age also has a crucial factor in making surgeries successful and people who undergo a knee replacement are mostly between the ages of 50 and 80.


How much does orthopedic surgery cost in India?

India has skillful surgeons who are well-versed in a full spectrum of orthopedic disorders such as knee replacement, ACL construction, shoulder replacement/rotator cut-off repair, hip replacement, ankle replacement, and several spinal disorders.

Therefore, if we take an example of knee replacement surgery, then it ranges between USD 4000 to USD 6000 for a single knee and costs around USD 8400-12,000 for both knees depending on the needs tailored to your body. The pricing also depends on the type of implant used. If it is US FDA-improved implants, then it may cost a bit higher. On the other hand, the cost may be lowered by 30% for an Indian implant.


Which is the most common orthopedic procedure carried out in India?

Orthopedic surgeries are the surgical treatment to correct skeleton-related problems including ligaments, tendons, muscles, dislocations, sports hernia, overuse injuries, impingement, sprains, joint repair/replacement or replacing degenerated joints. Such orthopedic disorders can affect anyone from infants to younger adults to older adults.


In terms of medical treatments such as orthopaedics, cardiology, neurology, nephrology, and more, India is renowned for having a greater success rate. It was made possible by a group of orthopaedic specialists, a skilled nursing staff, and well-equipped hospitals with cutting-edge technology and infrastructure.


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