What is the purpose of World Breastfeeding Week?

Every year, WBD is celebrated in the first week of August. It is observed globally to raise awareness about the importance of breastfeeding and its benefits. Its main aim is to support and encourage breastfeeding as a vital aspect of health and well-being for both mother and child.

Breastfeeding fosters a strong maternal-infant bond, while also reducing the risk of infections (such as bowel infections, respiratory infections), childhood obesity, eczema, and type 2 diabetes in infants. Moreover, breastfeeding’s immunoglobulins enhance a baby’s immunity and potentially lead to better dental health and fewer bowel issues during school years. Breastfed children also exhibit higher psychological confidence compared to those who are bottle-fed or nanny-fed,” she further added.

Benefits Of Breast Milk A Mother Should Know

In addition to the benefits for mothers, breast milk also provides essential advantages for babies –

Facts Related To Breast Milk:

Dietician Garima Goyal threw light on some facts related to breast milk and said, “Breast milk is a magic potion for the newborn as it is a source of live immunity bor the baby – both immediate and lifelong immunity. Most mothers don’t know this but breastfeeding keeps their kid away from many infections.”

She also mentioned some other important facts related to breast milk:

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