Medical Visa From Namibia to India

What is the Eligibility Criteria for Indian Medical Visa?

If you have a Namibia passport, you can apply for a medical visa if you meet the following requirements:

  1. The strict objective for traveling to India is to receive medical treatment.
  2. The treatment facility selected is indeed a reputable hospital or healthcare center accredited by the Indian government.
  3. As medical attendants, the patient will be accompanied by a maximum of two family members or close associates.
  4.  Medical attendants will need to apply for a ‘Medical Attendant Visa’ separately.
  5. The patient and medical personnel can submit authentic Yellow Fever and Oral Polio Vaccination certificates.
  6. Patients requiring neurosurgery, joint replacements, ocular diseases, renal disorders, cardiac issues, congenital disorders, organ transplantations, radiation therapy, plastic surgery, and gene therapy will be given preference for a medical visa.

Medical Visa assistance by Medserg Health 

Medserg India will gladly assist you in obtaining a medical visa to travel to India from Namibia. To learn more about the Indian visa application process and approval. We can provide you:

Providing a comprehensive Medical Treatment Comparison Plan

Assistance in obtaining a visa invitation letter to visit the recommended hospital for a visa.

Schedule appointments with hospitals and doctors all throughout India to get multiple medical opinions.

  • Help with the hospital’s systems, billing, and payments.
  • Organizing the best possible accommodation based on the patient’s budget
  • Providing cheapest instant flight bookings to medical patients for arriving in India with Suitable package.
  • Easily access to air ambulance facility for a medical patient with critical condition
  • Coordinator for assistance to the medical patients with multiple language supporters.
  • After arriving in India, FRRO registration and visa extensions are required.
  • Transportation facility for arrival and departure from Airport to Hospital with nominal prices.

Documents required for Medical Visa Application

  • A printed copy of the Indian Visa Application form with complete and accurate information, a recent photo, and the applicant’s valid signature.
  • Original Namibian passport, valid for at least 6 months, with two blank pages for the Indian visa stamp.
  • A clear photocopy of the passport bio-page, showing important information such as the date of birth, passport validity, and residence.
  • Two recent passport-size photographs of the applicant with a white background State-issued driver’s license or 3-month-old utility bills serving as proof of residence Certificate for Yellow fever vaccination and Oral Polio Vaccination (OPV) for applicants over 6 months of age, obtained two weeks prior to arrival in India.
  • A copy of the attendant’s passport and any other documentation necessary to verify the attendant’s residency and relationship with the patient.
  • A valid reference letter from a local Namibia hospital or healthcare institution confirming the applicant’s medical condition and the need for treatment in India.
  • An official invitation letter from the specified hospital/therapy center in India, detailing the doctor’s name, treatment plan details, and the patient’s name and passport number, as well as the attendants.
  • A copy of the visa invitation letter from an Indian hospital or healthcare facility.
  • Medical documents, such as medical test results, CT scans, and MRIs, highlight the precise diagnosis of the patient’s disease.
  • To demonstrate the applicant’s ability to afford or support the treatment costs in India, provide a recent bank statement or salary certificate.
  • A copy of the return tickets that have been confirmed.

The following important documents are required for Minors while applying:

  • A copy of the minor’s birth certificate is required.
  • a copy of each parent’s passport
  • Notarized visa application duly signed by both parents

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