Spondylolisthesis Stabilisation Surgery Cost in India

The average Spondylolisthesis Stabilisation Surgery price in India is 4,500 USD

What are the Symptoms of Spondylolisthesis?

Spondylolisthesis may not cause any symptoms for you. Some sufferers are completely unaware that they have the illness. Lower back discomfort is often the predominant symptom if any are present. The thighs and buttocks may also be affected by the ache. You could also encounter:

  • Spasms in the hamstring’s muscles (muscles in the back of the thighs).
  • Stiff back.
  • Long-term standing or walking difficulty.
  • Having trouble bending over.
  • Tingling, numbness, or weakness in the foot.

Why is India Considered a Top Destination for Spondylolisthesis Surgery?

It is evident from the impressive developments in Indian medical tourism during the last few years how far the industry has come. Among the sectors contributing to revenue, healthcare is one of the fastest-growing. A variety of public and private organizations support the healthcare sector. Many people travel to India in search of better medical care due to the high success rate, as well as the developments in technology accessible in Indian hospitals and the affordable cost of the procedures.In terms of medical tourism, India has an edge over other nations due to the following:

  • Indian hospitals typically recruit medical team members trained in advanced economies, such as the United States, Europe, or Asia.
  • English is the language of choice for a significant majority of medical specialists.
  • Many of India’s leading hospitals utilize cutting-edge medical and diagnostic technologies supplied by large foreign corporations.
  • Nursing in India is among the finest in the world. Each year, close to 10,000 nurses graduate from accredited nursing programs in India, most of which are affiliated with teaching hospitals.
  • Luxury accommodations and first-rate services are accessible to travelers of all backgrounds.

How long does spondylolisthesis surgery last?

It relieves pressure on the nerves and decreases symptoms such as numbness, tingling, pain and weakness. Surgery will last approximately 2 to 3 hours.

Is surgery the best option for spondylolisthesis?

Although nonsurgical treatment is often successful, sometimes surgery is required to relieve the symptoms of spondylolisthesis and prevent the condition from worsening.

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