Penile Lengthening Surgery Cost in India

Penile enlargement surgery in India is from USD 1700 (INR 123,000) for lengthening only. The cost for penile enlargement and thickening is USD 2500 (INR 181,000). The penile implant cost may range from USD 2500 to USD 14000 for two-piece and three-piece inflatable penile implant.

For most men around the world, penile length is a major source of concern in terms of physical appeal. There are a number of products and techniques in the market today that claim to help increase the size of the penis. 

However, penile surgery still remains the only permanent solution for a man who wants to increase his penile dimensions. The surgical procedure can bring about visual changes in the penis and lead to penile enlargement by a few centimeters or more than an inch.

Phalloplasty Surgery is a penile enhancement surgery that augments the girth, length, and possibly the glands of the penis. With this surgery, the length and circumference can be increased by one to two and a half inches and up to fifty percent thicker, respectively (except the head).

The surgeon cuts and detaches the suspensory ligaments that hold the penis in its usual position to increase the length. This allows the penis to descend, which allows access to the area hidden beneath the skin wall.

The penile implant surgeon then extends the penile length in proportion to the length of the internal portion. Further, penile weight hanging and certain stretching devices (Penile traction devices, or penis extenders) can be used for the next few months to permanently increase size as a successful outcome. The total increase in the length may vary depending on the individual’s anatomy and it cannot be predicted prior to the surgery.

Another surgical technique used is known as a dermal graft/implant, also called a dermofat graft. This method can increase penile girth as well as length. The procedure involves the use of the patient’s own fat cells/tissues, taken from other parts of the body, and then transplanted into the penis.

This results in an increased circumference of the penis (50% or more) and the penile shaft is filled with fat cells to maintain a proper proportion.

Penis Enlargement

The penis enlargement surgery is obtained by fat injection, performed on an outpatient basis – during the day, in the clinic – under local anesthesia. Fat is taken from the stomach or pubic area and purified.

The fat cells are reinjected at different points of the penis, using fine cannulas. There is no scar.

As the penis is swollen with edema, the final result is seen after six weeks.

The enlargement of the penis can reserve disappointments: at best, 30% of the fat doesn’t gross. At the worst, 80% of the fat used to be lost. Once in five, the patient must return to the unit for recovery.


Penis Lengthening

The penis lengthening surgery is performed under general anesthesia requires hospitalization. The suspensory ligament of the penis is cut. Result? What was inside is exteriorized, the rod falls and lengthens.

A skin play is performed, causing an inverted Y scar (which leaves the pubis and inclines on the scrotum). The lengthening consequence is noticeable the next day.

The main threat of this intervention is a delay in healing of eight days on average.

Reimbursement by Social Security concerns cases of micropenis, (less than 3 cm at rest), left to the discretion of the medical insurance consultant.

The postoperative period: rest for 48 hours.

No physical exertion and sexual self-denial for two to three weeks.


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