Lung transplant

The process that incorporates the removal of disease filled lung or a lung that doesn’t function properly with a newer and healthier lung weather form a live donor or a deceased donor. 

It’s the perfect solution for the individual that has gone through rounds of the treatment process and filed to avail any cure and the conditions remained stagnant.

Based on the condition that you might be suffering, you may have a single lung transplant or multiple lung transplant. In some rare cases, along with the donor’s heart, the lungs also would be transplanted. The overall procedure or operation is quite significant. There are several complications involved where the lung might not accept the host, and so on. But with constant treatment and care, the condition of the person can improve significantly.

When you are left with the last option of a lung transplant, then you must be well aware of the risks, complications and recovery phase. Thus, you are fully informed of the risks and can adhere to all it before you agree for the treatment process.

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