How do you diagnose heart disease?

Various tests are used to diagnose heart disease. Your doctor will start by taking your personal and family medical history, recording current and past symptoms, and doing laboratory tests and an electrocardiogram. Based on the results of the assessment and tests, your doctor may order further tests.

A plan of action followed by an effective regime is necessary to assist and support the patient. It becomes integral to prevent the recurrence of heart disease. Widely recognized test to detect the root cause of heart disease includes the following:

  • ECG
  • ECHO
  • Stress Test, TMT, and Stress ECHO
  • CT Angio
  • CAG

According to a current study, the prevalence of coronary diseases in India is estimated between a range of 1.6% to 7.4% in rural areas and from 1% to 13.2% in urban locales. Hypertension, obesity, and diabetes are the three leading causes of cardiovascular diseases. A close analysis of the medical tests generates an accurate understanding of the causes. It detects early signs of the disease and traverses the path of early treatment.

Diagnostic Test for Heart Disease

Every heartbeat causes an electrical wave or impulse enabling the heart to pump blood to other parts of the body. The test is recognized as electrocardiogram and abbreviated as EKG or EKG. It enables the detection of the activity of electrical waves of the heart. The length of the waves enables the doctor to understand the activity of the heart. It measures whether the heartbeat is irregular, normal, or fast.

A coronary angiogram is similar to CT angiography in using X-ray to record images of the heart. It uses a method of injecting a dye into the coronary blood vessels. The angiograms are the recorded images of the blood vessels. This is a test for diagnosing heart conditions. A doctor recommends an angiogram in case an individual experiences pain in the jaw, arm, or neck, which remains undetected by other tests.

Immediate diagnosis of heart diseases provides the individual sufficient time to take action. The growing need to maintain a healthier lifestyle is associated with the risk of cardiac arrests. Dr.Gupta mentions, that the cause of 17 million deaths yearly is cardiac disease. Therefore, individuals must be aware of the tests that may diagnose their disease at the earliest for speedy treatment and recovery.

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