Dr. Vikram Pratap Singh Medserg

Dr. Vikram Pratap Singh

Colo-Rectal Surgeon Surgical Oncologist Senior Consultant MBBS, MS, FRCS, New Delhi, India35 years of experience

  • Dr. Vikram Pratap Singh is a highly-experienced Surgical Oncologist with nearly 35+ years in the field.
  • He has received a Clinical Fellowship at The Royal Marsden Hospital London, Oct.87- Oct 89, The Royal Free Hospital, London, 1989, and also the UICC (ICRETT) Fellowship at The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, University of Sydney,1996.
  • Dr. Singh also has under and postgraduate teaching experiences at Armed Forced Medical College.
  • He has trained at the Tata Memorial Hospitals, Mumbai and the Royal Marsden Hospital, London.

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