Dr. Sanjay Dudhat Medserg

Dr. Sanjay Dudhat

26 years of experience, Surgical Oncologist Head of Department MS, MBBS, Mumbai, India

  • Dr. Sanjay Dudhat is an oncosurgeon with 26+ years of experience.
  • He completed MBBS in 1988 and MS in general surgery in 1992.
  • He attained clinical research fellowship in breast and esophagus services under Dr. SR Shinde, breast and thoracic services under Dr. SR Shinde and Dr. S Sharma, head and neck surgery under Dr. AR Fakih and gastrointestinal surgery under Dr. L.J Desouza.
  • Dr. Dudhat has expertise in Head & neck surgery, reconstructive surgery, gastro-intestinal surgery, Genitor urinary bone & soft tissue, Thoracic and Breast surgery.

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