Dr. Krishna Kishore C Medserg

Dr. Krishna Kishore C

Nephrologist Consultant DM, MD, MBBS, 14 years of Experience

  • Dr. Krishna Kishore C is a nephrologist with 14+ years of experience.
  • His areas of expertise include Renal Replacement Therapy, Community & Preventive Nephrology, Temporary dialysis catheter insertion, Tunnel catheter placements, peritoneal dialysis catheter placement, USG guided renal biopsy (native and graft) and ABO transplants and swap/domino transplants.
  • He completed MBBS from JSS Medical College, Mysore, MD (Internal Medicine) from KMC, Manipal and DM (Nephrology) from SVIMS, Tirupati.
  • Dr. Kishore is a member of International Society of Nephrology, Indian Society of Nephrology and Nephrology Amxiation of Karnataka.

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