Dr. Deepak Govil Medserg

Dr. Deepak Govil

Surgical Gastroenterologist Senior Consultant MBBS, MS, , New Delhi, India, 33 years of experience

  • Dr. Deepak Govil is an eminent GI, General, and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon, practicing successfully for more than 33 years
  • He is adept in performing surgery for Portal Hypertension, Splenectomy and Lieno-renal shunts, Ilio-anal Anastomosis with a pouch for Ulcerative colitis, Esophageal resection with Gastric pull up, Whipple’s Pancreato-Duodenectomy, and Hepaticojejunostomy for Biliary strictures and benign and malignant obstructive jaundice, etc.
  • He also carries out Surgery for Surgical obstructive jaundice, pancreatic diseases- Acute & Chronic pancreatitis, pancreatic malignancies, Upper and Lower GI Hemorrhage, GI malignancies – Esophageal, Gastric, Colonic, and Rectal cancers.

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