Brain tumor surgery treatment is required when no other line of treatment works for the patient. Your neurosurgeon will make you undergo medications, exercise, diet plans etc., first whenever a brain tumor is detected.  

To diagnose and confirm the tumorous growth, a biopsy will done on you. A small piece of the tumor is surgically removed during a biopsy.

A pathologist then examines the sample under a microscope to identify the tumor kind. The surgery to remove the tumor may include a biopsy, or it may be done separately.

Types of Brain Tumor Removal Surgery:


This is the most frequent procedure for brain tumor removal treatment in India. The procedure for a craniotomy often involves general anesthesia, making you partially or completely unconscious.

The neurosurgeon removes a section of bone from your skull during a craniotomy to get a window of the brain. Then, with an ultrasonic device, the tumor will be broken down, and the debris be sucked by a suction device. 

Awake Craniotomy

Awake craniotomy is performed when you may have a tumor close to a part of the brain that controls speech, movement, or feeling. 

You may often find the surgeon making you talk, speak, or even play a guitar. It is just to be sure that the surgery is going in the right way, without hampering your activities. 

The anesthesia is given locally to numb the pain in and around the surgical region.

You may also get mild general anesthesia. This may partially awake you and some of you may not even remember that you had surgery. 


Also known as keyhole brain surgery, in neuroendoscopy, the surgeon makes a small hole in your skull and drains out the fluid filled in and around the tumor. Sometimes, the tumor is also stimulated, and broken down with the help of the endoscope. Then, via an ultrasonic aspirator, the leftover tumor is sucked out.

This method of brain tumor removal is often successful as it is minimally invasive and does not require complete exposure of the brain. Recovery chances are high and you may stand back on your feet within weeks of surgery. 


Sometimes the surgeons may use wafers or small tablet-like devices to place near or on the brain tumor. The wafers slowly disintegrate into the brain, thereby shrinking the size of the tumor. 

This is one of the safest methods, as the brain tumor gets directly invaded via chemicals and there is minimal requirement of breaking or cutting the skull. 

Where to get Brain Tumor Surgery in India?

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