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The largest network of the world’s finest and brightest medical experts who provide compassionate care using outstanding expertise and advanced technology.

We at Medserg aim to provide our clients with the best medical treatment facilities in India. We strive round the clock to provide our clients with a pleasant and comfortable treatment experience in India. We handle medical tourism to India from all over the world for various medical treatments in India.


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100+ Doctors

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100+ Doctors

50+ Hospitals



100+ Doctors

50+ Hospitals 


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25 Doctors

12 Hospitals


Kidney Transplant

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12 Hospitals


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45 Doctors

16 Hospitals

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Medserg is one of the prominent facilitators of medical tourism in India. We have joined hands with the top-notch medical facilities in India. We ensure that our patients receive the best care at the most reasonable prices.


We understand the needs of our visitors & provide full time nurses on demand to our visitors to look after them in their accommodation.


Our representatives are available 24X7 to provide you with best counselling and treatment suggestions


We provide comfortable travel experience to all our visitors.



Getting a Medical Visa to India may turn out to be a hectic process.

Service We Includes

Pan India reach
Best Hospitals & Doctors
Best Treatments within budget
Health Check-up packages
Medical Visa & travel assistance
Accommodation Assistance
Free Pick up facility
Ayurveda and Wellness
Air-Ambulance Facility


What They Are Saying

We are the Best Medical Tourism provider in India powered by the trust of 1000+ satisfied patients and 3500+ visitors from Bangladesh. The Medserg network spanning all major cities in India has 500+ hospitals and 2000+ qualified doctors.

  1. All treatments are at affordable cost.
  2. 99% success rate of all treatments
  3. Latest technologies for treatments
  4. Using new drugs and medicines
  5. Highly qualified Doctors
  6. Instant access to medical services

How Beneficial It Is for People To Visit India for Medical Tourism?

Diseases are like uninvited guests. They strike at unpredictable times and without any warnings. Diseases don’t ask whether you are ready to fall ill or not and neither the expenses ask. Healthcare is an inevitable part of everyone’s life. But it’s a bitter truth that seeking medical treatment is an expensive affair in today’s time. At times, when people don’t have medical insurance, it becomes really difficult to pay their medical bills. But you need not to worry even if you are one among those people. You could choose to avail the services of Medserg and take benefits of quality treatment within your budget at the best hospitals in India.

Medserg strives to give you treatment plans within your budget. While providing you with affordable quality treatment within your budget Medserg strictly maintains the quality of your treatment. Medserg ensures the quality of your treatment as you are offered treatment only at the finest hospitals in India. In short, Medserg provides you quality treatment within your budget.


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