What is the laparoscopy cost in India?

The cost of Laparoscopic Tubal Recanalization is around 1500 USD. Laparoscopic tubal recanalization, being a minimally invasive surgery, introduced a new dimension for tubal reconstruction.

Laparoscopic surgery is considered as a modern approach to surgical treatment. It is also known as minimally invasive technique or key hole surgery. This surgical treatment makes small incision on parts, far away from effected area and all surgical procedures are performed through them.

Laparoscopic surgery: Cost comparison by Country

The following table shows the laparoscopic surgery cost comparison by country. It is better to conduct thorough and detailed research before choosing the laparoscopic surgery cost comparison by country.

US5,000 USD – 10,000 USD
India500 USD – 1,100 USD
Turkey5,000 USD – 7,000 USD
Thailand3,000 USD – 10,000 USD
Australia5,000 USD – 7,000 USD
Canada2,000 USD – 5,000 USD

The risk of blood over flow during operation is also restricted considerably. Further, organs are not directly exposed in this method. Therefore, there are lesser chances of these organs coming in contact with external contaminants that may otherwise cause post operative infections.

Sparse cases of post operative difficulties may exist in this case as well. Some electrical burns may occur due to the electrodes. These remain unseen by your surgeons until they cause some serious issues later. Although most of CO2 stuffed in the abdomen, gets released through free incisions after operation; some amount may still be present in the body.

In some cases the abdominal problems are easily identified via these imaging techniques:

1. CT Scan – uses X-Rays to produce the body’s cross-sectional images.

2. MRI Scan – uses radio waves and magnets for taking images of different parts of the body.

3. Ultrasound –uses high-frequency wavelengths of sounds for creating the body’s images.

When the following techniques fail to provide enough information, the patient is asked to get a Laparoscopy. The procedure might also be performed to extract sample tissue from a specific organ of the patient’s abdomen. 

Reasons to get a Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic Surgery is performed to aid the disorders or diseases found in the pelvic or abdominal organs of the patient. These diseases might include reproductive infection or infertility or intestinal diseases etc.

Laparoscopic surgery can be performed via open surgery or minimal invasion, but this decision regarding the operation can be taken by your surgeon based on your cases as well as their expertise with the MIS procedures.

How is Laparoscopic Surgery Performed?

Laparoscopic Surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis if the patient doesn’t want to admit in the hospital.

Stage 1: During the procedure, the patient is given general anesthesia that allows to numb their muscles and put them in sleep throughout the surgery.

Stage 2: Now the surgeon makes a small incision under the navel inserts a small tube in the abdominal called cannula. The cannula is used for inflating all the gas and carbon dioxide from the patient’s abdominal.

Stage 3: Once the abdomen is completely inflated, a laparoscope is inserted in it using an incision which consists of a camera that displays the internal images of the patients, giving a real-time view of their organs.

Stage 4: The size and the number of incisions made on the patient abdomen depend on the disease that is being treated by the surgeon. Typically, most cases only require one to five incisions of 1 to 2 cm length. These incisions are necessary for inserting different instruction for operating the body. For instance, in a surgical biopsy, a small portion of the damaged tissue is extracted as a sample to evaluated the disease.

Stage 5: Once the surgery is done, the instruments are retrieved from the body and the incision are closely stitched back together.

Benefits of choosing India for Laparoscopic surgery

The laparoscopic surgery cost in India is meager compared to the price in western countries. The laparoscopy cost in India is perfect for patients who cannot afford the high cost of surgery.

Besides, you can also relish the benefits of choosing India for laparoscopic surgery.

· Low laparoscopic surgery cost in India: As mentioned above, the laparoscopic surgery cost in India is much lower than in western countries.

· Experienced laparoscopic surgeons: The laparoscopic surgeons in India are highly experienced and have performed thousands of laparoscopic surgeries.

· Similar quality of laparoscopic surgery in India: Despite low surgical costs, there is no compromise on the quality of the treatment. The hospitals in India are JCI and NABH accredited, ensuring high-quality patient care.

· Advanced technology: The hospitals have state-of-art infrastructure to provide a comfortable ambiance to people. They leverage the latest technologies to provide the best treatment.


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