What Are The Different Treatment Options For Heart Disease?

What are the different types of treatment for heart disease?

Heart disease treatment depends on the cause and type of heart damage. Healthy lifestyle habits — such as eating a low-fat, low-salt diet, getting regular exercise and good sleep, and not smoking — are an important part of treatment. Heart blockage is major adversity for human health. Whenever anyone is diagnosed with a heart blockage, do not consider it as the end of your life, and don’t start panicking.


Scenario of Heart Attack

Whenever you are diagnosed with a heart blockage, it might be because of two possible scenarios that include:

  • Diagnoses during an ongoing heart attack
  • Diagnoses during a treadmill test

The general diagnosis might be based upon the chest pain symptoms that you experience while walking, climbing the stairs, or running. Some of the other symptoms that might give you a hint of heart blockage are:

  • Breathlessness
  • Choking
  • Pain in the jaw
  • Pain in the arms and others.

As per Dr. Rahul Gupta, all these symptoms are considered as potential alerts for heart blockages, if the conditions get relieved after taking a certain amount of rest.

Immediate Treatment

The immediate treatment to heart blockages that are resulting in heart attacks is to get angiography done and get the critical blockages (if found) removed right away, says Dr. Rahul Gupta.

Treatment Options for Heart Disease

But, the patients who are just experiencing symptoms and are stable without heart attack conditions can rely upon other recommended treatment measures such as:

1. Medicines

Medicines are destined to do wonders even upon patients who are witnessing severe heart blockage conditions.

2. Angioplasty

If the blockages are giving rise to life-threatening solutions, then angioplasty is considered an optimal treatment option. After the blockage, an X-ray is done by angiography, and a balloon is inserted to open up the blocked arteries, after which a stent is inserted for removing the blockages by restoring the blood flow.

3. Bypass Surgery

In case the angioplasty treatment is not feasible for the patient, the next treatment option is bypass surgery. It is an open-heart surgery in which the chest is cut open to carry out the procedure. There are two ways with which it is carried out that are through Laparoscopy (non-invasive) or through a central cut.

Dr. Rahul Gupta, gives a general explanation for bypass surgery is to create an alternate route for your blood to flow to & from your heart by avoiding the blocked nodes, just like you would do when you are driving on a highway that has a blockage ahead. Bypass surgery is recommended only for the patients upon whom the medicines and angioplasty cannot be done.

4. Non-Invasive Surgery

There are two non-invasive surgery methods for clearing out the blockages that are:

  • Counter Pulsation Therapy
  • ESMR

These therapies are destined to help eradicate severe heart blockages without the need for surgery. But, medical experts need to check on the patient’s situation to opt for this treatment. If the patient has other medical conditions that make angioplasty or bypass surgery risky, then this treatment mode is recommended for them. With this therapy, natural bypasses can be created within the human heart. It can help retrieve the lost strength of the heart.

People who have got their bypass surgery done years back are also relying upon these therapies to keep boosting their heart health over time, says Dr. Rahul Gupta.


These are a few of the things you need to keep in mind about heart blockages and their treatment remedies that you can expect when you reach out to proficient medical experts. Medserg can help you in the process!

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