What is Corona Virus, Symptoms and their Prevention?

Since the past couple of weeks, China has experienced its worst epidemic where the outbreak of corona virus in the wuhan region has threatened the lives of millions in the country. The outbreak is relatively an epidemic that has no signs of stopping and has claimed to have caused well over 400 deaths to date. But then for those that are willing to learn more about the disease, then read on. We have enlisted all of the things that you might want to know about corona virus. Read on!!

What is Corona Virus?
corona virus is a kind of a common virus that causes soreness in the throat, sinus problems, cough, fever and other general infection like symptoms. But then the recent epidemic is worse where the condition spreads even through tough and through physical contact. While there are several types, which aren’t dangerous, the one discussed over here is widely dangerous and a global threat as well.

Symptoms of Corona Virus
Though there are mixed symptoms of cornea virus where you might get confused with a general cold or cough, the symptoms are as follows:

  1. Cough.
  2. Cold.
  3. Hay fever.
  4. Irritation of the throat.
  5. Soar throat.

Though it might be difficult to depict the occurrence of corona virus in , getting relevant blood work carried out along with other testing can bring abou the actual symptoms of corona virus.

Prevention or Remedies for Corona Virus
As they say prevention is better than cure, it’s better to keep yourself protected rather than getting yourself protected after you have got the virus. This the following are few of the ways to keep yourself away from the virus.

  1. Wash your hands always before and after eating.
  2. Keep yourself clean and never come in contact with a person affected with the virus.
  3. Also ensure that you get yourself tested for the virus of you are living in the region affected by the virus.


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