How to Avail visa from Bangladesh to India and the other documents to keep in mind?

India is slowly transforming itself into becoming the forefront of medical success and ensuring that patients get the best treatment possible. But several people across the globe while they might have the capability to spend on medical treatments fail to avail desired medical attention to which the pertaining disease or condition elevates, causing further problems indeed. Hence there are several who seek help in India because of their unbelievable treatment procedures and the all-round way of getting things done to provide the best health care facilities possible. Hence, if you are a person that is looking for medical treatment in India, then there are certain things that you might want to look up such as medical visa and other documents that are essential in availing your medical tourism in India a successful venture.

Things required for availing medical visa for India.

  1. Passport.
  2. Residence proof.
  3. Employment proof.
  4. Medical records.
  5. Filled medical visa application.

Hence the above-given list of things is essential to ensure that you’re re benefited in the best possible manner when you are seeking help in India for your medical oriented problems. For further assistance, you can always check our where all of the medical visa-related issues are taken care of, and you can avail a seamless medical tourism venture in the country.

Also if you’re seeking help through the embassy in Bangladesh, then the contact details for the Indian embassy in Bangladesh are also provided to assist you in this matter.
Contact number – +888-2-5567345
Email address –
Location – Dhaka


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