Body Contouring Surgery VS Weight Loss Surgery

What surgery removes the most weight?

Patients typically lose more weight with the duodenal switch than they do with other procedures. This surgery also offers the best chance of improving weight-related complications like diabetes.

If you are reading this blog, you are probably trying to lose weight. And our guess is that exercise and diet is not working for you, so you have started considering a weight loss surgery.

But so far your research quest has only confused you further, by introducing so many types and techniques of weight reduction in your head that you can no longer decide. Especially when it comes to the difference between body contouring and weight loss surgery.

This blog explains the difference between the two procedures while discussing the cause of this confusion.

Body contouring surgery is not a weight reduction technique; it is a type of cosmetic procedure used for helping patients get into their ideal shape after they have achieved a healthy weight.

Unlike weight loss surgery, body contouring procedures can be used by anyone, for improving shape of particular sections of their body, like thighs, arms, or abdomen. Usually, only obese patients above the BMI of 35 who may or may not have certain medical conditions associated with weight are eligible candidates for bariatric surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is used and is designed for giving finishing touches for sculpting a patient’s body after a major life event like excessive weight loss. Women also use these procedures post-pregnancy, to get rid of the accumulating fat in their body.

However, a tummy tuck shouldn’t be considered if the patient is actually trying to get rid of the fat (like visceral fat). Visceral fat aka abdominal fat, or belly fat is found between the abdominal organs that can’t be removed via Tummy Tuck procedure.

Belly fat is amongst the most stubborn fats, and usually, people struggle to get rid of it. Not to alarm you, the accumulation of this fat in the body is directly linked with Type 2 Diabetes, Syndrome X, Insulin Resistance and other obesity-related medical conditions if it is not addressed in time.

Cosmetic surgeons decline such patient requests for undergoing Tummy Tuck when they have excess fat in their body. People need to realize the difference between tummy tuck, and weight loss surgery as they are two very different procedures.

A bariatric weight loss surgery will be required for removing the fat, and once it has been removed, cosmetic surgery might be considered, if the patient wants to get rid of excess skin.

The literal purpose of Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty) is to remove the excess skin. There are several procedures which can be considered for getting the desired results like Circular Tummy Tuck, Panniculectomy, Extended Tummy Tuck, Circular Panniculectomy, Bra Roll Excision, Liposculpture, Thigh Lift, Back Lift, Extended Inner Thigh Lift, and many more.

Trust your surgeon as he knows which procedure will be best for you, but if you want, you can also receive a second opinion. Tummy Tuck is a familiar term, so people often ask their doctors to undergo it, as they are unaware of other body contouring procedures, that can help achieve their desired results.


The Gastric Sleeve surgery help in eliminating the need to get on a regular diet as it limits the patient food intake by reducing the size of their stomach while undergoing Body contouring will not replace dieting.

Body contouring surgery can be used post-weight loss surgery which can help patients in achieving their desired body shape.

More people today, realize that weight loss surgery can offer a permanent solution to their weight issues and they wouldn’t have to deal with roller coaster dieting and persistent cravings & hunger for food.

It will promote weight loss, by reducing food intake, keeping the patient’s weight on a healthy scale as they continue to age. Gastric sleeve surgery is the best solution for losing extra pounds. And body contouring is suitable to get in the shape that they desire post weight loss surgery.


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