What is the Cost of Open Heart Surgery in India?

What is the Cost of Open Heart Surgery in India?

Heart bypass surgery, also known as coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), is a critical medical procedure that can save lives and improve the quality of life for individuals with severe heart disease. The average Heart Bypass Surgery Cost in India ranges from INR 2,40,000 to INR 6,40,000 (approximately USD 3,000 to USD 8,000).

However, the Heart Bypass Surgery Cost can be higher or lower depending on the factors mentioned above. For example, the cost of surgery may be higher for patients with complex medical conditions or who require additional procedures during surgery.

One significant concern for patients considering this procedure is the cost involved. India has emerged as a popular destination for medical tourism due to its renowned healthcare facilities and cost-effective medical services.

Cardiac surgery continues to be the most frequently performed technique worldwide, with annual volumes totaling approximately 200,000 cases in the United States alone. In 2022, it was observed that 60,000 procedures were conducted annually in India, while approximately 200,000 procedures were performed in the United States. Heart Bypass Surgery Cost in India varies on several factors which is explained later in the article.

To ensure smooth blood flow to the heart, coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) or heart bypass surgery is performed. For those suffering from heart conditions including coronary artery disease, it is a life-saving operation.

Although the price is much higher in many nations, cardiac surgery price in India provides a cheaper option for those in need of this medical procedure. The cardiac condition that causes the blockages, such as atherosclerosis or coronary artery disease, is not treated by coronary bypass surgery.

However, it can ease symptoms, such as chest pain and shortness of breath. For some people, this procedure can improve heart function and reduce the risk of dying of heart disease.

Why India is a Top Destination for Heart Bypass Surgery

India is a particularly popular destination for medical tourists because it boasts some of the greatest medical facilities and services in all of Asia. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, the top bypass surgeons in India and Indian hospitals collaborate to offer all types of disease-related procedures and treatments.

In addition, the bypass surgery price in India is considerably lower than in other countries or states. A foreign patient should anticipate paying between 50% and 60% less for a complete heart bypass in India.

The best heart bypass surgery in India provides comprehensive appropriate treatment, including comprehensive pre-operative evaluations, minimally invasive surgical options, and post-operative rehabilitation programs.

At these medical facilities, patients may anticipate specialized care, individualized attention, and compassionate treatment. Leading international agencies like the Joint Commission International (JCI) or the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) have accredited the hospitals.

Heart Bypass Surgery Cost in India

The starting price for a heart bypass in India is between $3000 and $8000. However, the price of a cardiac bypass procedure in India can also vary depending on the institution. Many factors influence people’s decision to receive their medical care through heart bypass transplants in India.

The quality of healthcare services is another factor, in addition to the price disparity. Additionally, the success of the overall heart bypass procedure in India may depend on a variety of factors. 


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