Medical Visa From Uzbekistan to India

Medical Visa to India from Uzbekistan.  All about Visa application process, cost of Visaembassy details, documents required and important websites.

Eligibility for Medical Visa from Uzbekistan to India

  • Only those applicants should apply for a medical visa whose only purpose to visit the country is medical treatment.

  • The applicant must seek treatment at recognized/specialized/reputed hospitals in India.

  • Maximum two medical attendants are allowed with the patient to travel to India. They may be his/her family members, relatives, friends or associates.

  • The non-exhaustive list of ailments for which medical visa is sought and granted consists of cardiac ailments, neurology/neurosurgery, organ transplantations, gene therapy, congenital disorders, joint replacement, tumors and others.

Important Documents Required for Indian Medical Visa from Uzbekistan

  • Print of the correctly and completely filled online visa application form.

  • Copies of the required pages of International Passport. Copies of the previous passport if the applicant has any.

  • Domestic passport or Residence Permit

  • ENN Number (Taxpayer Identification Number)

  • Confirmed return air ticket.

  • An official invitation from the concerned hospital in India mentioning the patient’s name, passport number of patient and his/her attendants, his/her medical condition, details of the treatment, duration of the treatment and its cost. It is to be sent to the Embassy official’s contact directly. 

  • Medical reports and medical history of the patient to be provided with translation.

  • Bank statement to ascertain financial solvency.

  • Diagnostic examination reports.

  • Details of booking tickets.

Note: Applicants should carry the required original documents as stated above. Close relatives accompanying the patient should provide documents that establish the relationship between the patient and the medical attendant.

Online Application of Indian Medical Visa from Uzbekistan

  • In the government website, Indian Visa Online, click on Regular Visa Application.

  • Enter the required details: country name, high commission, date of birth, nationality, email ID, expected date to arrive in India and visa type. Provide the access code and click Continue.

  • The online visa form is of three pages. Click on Save and Continue after you complete each page.

  • Enter particulars about your family address and your occupation.

  • Provide medical visa application details: the hospital in which you were treated/diagnosed in your country, the concerned hospital you seek treatment in in India, duration of the treatment, number of visa entries required, the purpose of your visit in the country, expected date of departure from your country, expected date of arrival in and departure from India before and after treatment, details about SAARC country visit and reference.Upload a digital photograph in the form following the below listed parameters:

    • It should be of JPEG format.

    • The size of the photo should not exceed 300kb. Minimum size should be of 10kb.

    • The photo should have equal height and width.

    • The head should be at the center of the frame, full view (from top of hair to bottom of chin), front face, eyes open.

    • The head should measure 25 mm to 35 mm. The eye height should be 1 to 1/8 inches – 1-3 inches.

    • The background should be either white or light colored.

    • There should be no shades on the face or the background.

    • The photo should not have any borders.

  • After clicking on Save and Continue on the third page, you will get a preview of the form containing all the details that you have entered.

  • Go through the details. In case of any rectification, click on Modify/Edit.

  • If all the data entered by you is correct, click on Verified and Continue.

  • Read the instructions carefully in the new window that appears thereafter. Click OK for final registration. To change any entry in the form click Cancel.

  • After you click OK, select the date of appointment from the new window that appears on the screen. Click on Confirm the Appointment after selecting the date.

  • You will be provided with two options of Print and Save in a new window. Save the online application before printing it lest it gets lost.

  • Click on Print Registered Application to acquire the hardcopy of your online application form.

  • Put your signature on the rectangular box just below the photo box on the first page and in the box at the bottom of the second page.

  • Submit the application form along with the required documents at the Mission Counter in the appointed date during the working hours. The appointed date that you have chosen is mentioned at the right margin of the application.     

Indian Medical Visa Processing Fee

The medical visa fee from Uzbekistan to India is:

  • USD 83 for 6 months

  • USD 123 for 1 year

Contact Details and Working Hours of Indian High Commission in Uzbekistan

Embassy of India, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

  • Address: 16 Kara-Bulak str. (Vakhshskaya) Street, Mirzo Ulugbek District, Tashkent  –  700 052 (Uzbekistan)
  • Phone:
    • 998-711400983
    • 998-71 1400997 
    • 998-71 1400998
  • Fax: 
    • 998-71 1400987 
    • 998-71 140 09 99
  • Email:



Contact Number

Email ID

Shri Vinod Kumar



Shri P.K Chawla

Attache (PS) to Ambassador


Shri Suresh Kumar C.

Second Secretary (Consular)


Working hours

  • 1000 – 1230 hrs: Submission of visa application and documents
  • 1630 – 1700 hrs: Delivery of visa on the specified date

Medical Visa Information after Your Arrival in India

Medical Visa Extension

Medical visa requires extension when the patient requires some more days for the completion of his treatment or his/her complete recovery. In order to extend ones medical visa, he/she would require an official letter from the concerned hospital authorities stating his/her medical condition, treatment procedure and the number of days extra that will be required for his/her complete recovery. The patient or the medical attendant accompanying him/her then has to go to the FRRO office along with the letter issued by the hospital and other required documents to apply for a medical visa extension.


Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO) deals with and administers the registration, departure, visa extension and other official records regarding foreigners’ arrival and stay in the country. Once patients from abroad arrive in India, they have to get themselves registered in the FRRO office. The documents required for the registration is listed below:

  • Application form.

  • Photocopy of the passport and the initial visa.

  • Four photographs of the applicant.

  • Details of his/her stay in India.

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