Medical Visa From Cameroon to India

Medical Visa to India from Cameroon to India.  All about Visa application process, cost of Visaembassy details, documents required and important websites.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for an Indian Medical Visa?

If you have a Cameroon passport, you can apply for a medical visa if you meet the following requirements:

  1. The strict objective for traveling to India is to receive medical treatment.
  2. The treatment facility selected is indeed a reputable hospital or healthcare center accredited by the Indian government.
  3. As medical attendants, the patient will be accompanied by a maximum of two family members or close associates. Medical attendants will need to apply for a ‘Medical Attendant Visa’ separately.
  4. The patient and medical personnel can submit authentic Yellow Fever and Oral Polio Vaccination certificates.

Patients requiring neurosurgery, joint replacements, ocular diseases, renal disorders, cardiac issues, congenital disorders, organ transplantations, radiation therapy, plastic surgery, and gene therapy will be given preference for a medical visa.

Documents required for Medical Visa Application

  1. A printed copy of the Indian Visa Application form with complete and accurate information, a recent photo, and the applicant’s valid signature.
  2. Original Cameroon’s passport, valid for at least 6 months, with two blank pages for the Indian visa stamp.
  3. A clear photocopy of the passport bio-page, showing important information such as the date of birth, passport validity, and residence.
  4. Two recent passport-size photographs of the applicant with a white background State-issued driver’s license or 3-month-old utility bills serving as proof of residence Certificate for Yellow fever vaccination and Oral Polio Vaccination (OPV) for applicants over 6 months of age, obtained two weeks prior to arrival in India.
  5. A copy of the attendant’s passport and any other documentation necessary to verify the attendant’s residency and relationship with the patient.
  6. A valid reference letter from a local Cameroon hospital or healthcare institution confirming the applicant’s medical condition and the need for treatment in India.
  7. An official invitation letter from the specified hospital/therapy center in India, detailing the doctor’s name, treatment plan details, and the patient’s name and passport number, as well as the attendants.
  8. A copy of the visa invitation letter from an Indian hospital or healthcare facility.
  9. Medical documents, such as medical test results, CT scans, and MRIs, highlight the precise diagnosis of the patient’s disease.
  10. To demonstrate the applicant’s ability to afford or support the treatment costs in India, provide a recent bank statement or salary certificate.
  11. A copy of the return tickets that have been confirmed.

The following important documents are required for Minors while applying:

  1. A copy of the minor’s birth certificate is required.
  2. a copy of each parent’s passport
  3. Notarized visa application duly signed by both parents

Guidelines for filling online Visa Application/ e-Visa Application

  1. To begin the online visa application process, go to and select the ‘Regular/Paper Visa Application’ option on the screen.
  2. Fill up the appropriate fields on the web form with the correct information and drop-down menu options, such as the country’s name, nationality, Indian Mission, Visa type, expected arrival date, date of birth, email address, and purpose of visit. After that, input the captcha code for verification and click ‘Continue.’
  3. You must fill out the following 3-page form with necessary information regarding –
  • Page 1: Name, passport details, registered residential address, family members, and work profession.
  • Page 2: The type of visa for which you desire to apply. Details about your medical condition, the hospital in your nation, the preferred specialized hospital in India, the duration of your visa, your scheduled arrival and departure dates, and past history of traveling to India or other countries will be required for the Medical visa.
  • Page 3: Fill in your name, residing location, and contact details, as well as the names and contact information for two references in India and your home nation. If you are traveling to India with Medsurge assistance but are unable to secure a reference in India, you can use Medsurge India’s address and contact details instead. In a circumstance, the information does not fit up in the space box. 
  • You can either upload your latest photograph while filling out the form (by clicking on ‘Upload picture’) or connect it to the final hard copy (by attaching it to the final hard copy).
  • After amending each of these three pages, click ‘Save and Continue,’ or ‘Save and Exit,’ if you want to finish the form later.’ On the Indian visa official website, click on ‘Complete Partially Filled form’ to proceed with the form later on.
  • Check the highlighted details in the preview. Then, if necessary, select ‘Modify/Edit’ to replace any errors with the right data.
  • After your application has been successfully registered, choose an appointment date to submit a hard copy of your visa application at the Mission Counter.
  • When you choose ‘Confirm Appointment,’ you will be taken to a new window where you can print and save your registered application. To save your application and print a copy, select these options.
  • Click Print Registered Application on the Indian Visa Online website’s home screen. Choose your visa type (regular visa / e-tourist visa), Indian Mission, application ID, date of birth, passport number, and access code, then click Reprint.
  • Place one recent color photo with a full frontal view of the face and visible ears against a white backdrop, 2inchx2inch in size. It should not be stapled to the form. Look at the photo and follow the instructions.
  • Sign the space below the photograph and at the bottom of the second page with your signature.
  • On the designated date, submit the printed copy along with the documents listed in the checklist to the Mission counter. You can visit the Mission counter during business hours (09:00 hours – 12:00 hours) to check the appointment date listed in the right margin of the application.
  • An e-Visa is available to citizens of Cameroon. Patients who want short-term medical treatment can apply for an e-visa that is valid for 6 months.

Processing Fee for Medical Visa from Cameroon to India

The processing fee for an Indian medical visa for Cameroon nationals is:

  • For 6 months duration: USD 80 / 49000 FCFA
  • 1-year duration / for urgent processing: USD 120 / 71200 FCFA

An amount of USD 3  dollars that go to the ICFW is included in the processing fees of an Indian medical visa from Cameroon.


  1. Fees for medical visa processing should be placed in the Indian High Commission’s account in Cameroon.
  2. When the candidate comes to the mission counter to submit their applications, the details of the bank account will be provided to them.
  3. The Mission Counter accepts debit card payments, although there is a 1-2 % surcharge.
  4. Cheques or bank transfers are not acceptable.

What is the time duration for Medical Visa Approval?

  1. A medical visa from Cameroon to India takes 2 to 3 working days to process, excluding the day the application is submitted.
  2. To learn more about the status of your application, go to, select ‘Visa Status Inquiry,‘ and enter the Application ID printed on the receipt received by the Indian Mission.

After you arrive in India, Prior things you should do:

Do FRRO Registration

  • The Foreign Regional Registration Office is in charge of dealing with international patients seeking medical treatment in India, including registration, departure, visa extensions, and residence in India.
  • International patients above the age of 12 must report to the FRRO within 14 days of their arrival in the country, either in person or by an authorized representative.
  • To apply for online registration, go to and fill out the e-form with accurate information, then upload the required papers and a recent photograph.
  • Failure to register on time might result in a fine from FCFA.

Note: The fee for late registration is subject to change at any time.

Important documents required for FRRO registration include the following:

  • Authentic passport and visa
  • The applicant’s four passport-size photographs
  • Copy of the applicant’s passport, highlighting the applicant’s photo, the validity of the issued visa, and the India Immigration arrival stamp
  • Proof of residency (a state-issued driver’s license or an electricity bill that is at least 3 months old)
  • A formal document from the referred Indian hospital/healthcare center confirming the treatment duration.
  • Patient’s medical records that are relevant

Note: If the applicant has already been admitted to the recommended hospital, the FRRO can accept a medical certificate from the hospital. The certificate should include a photograph of the applicant that has been attested and certified by the doctor in charge of the therapy.

The validity period of the Indian Medical Visa and Visa Extension

  • International patients are permitted a 1 year triple-entry Indian medical visa. As a result, patients and attendants can visit India three times with the same visa before it expires.
  • The visa’s validity is calculated from the date of issuance. During this time, the patient has the option of visiting the nation at any moment.
  • Patients can seek a visa extension if they require a longer stay in India for medical reasons such as a longer recuperation period or further treatment.
  • The Ministry of Home Affairs will approve and issue the Visa extension based on a recommendation from the State Government/Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO). The patient must provide important documentation that states and corroborate the cause of their stay.

The following is a list of the documents required to apply for a medical visa extension:

  • Visa extension application form
  • An original passport, as well as a copy of the passport, are required.
  • Official letter/medical certificate from the referred hospital or healthcare facility stating the treatment details and the need for an extended stay in the country.
  • The applicant’s four passport-size photographs
  • Proof of Indian residency

Make a note that if the patient is staying in rented apartments, they must produce a copy of their lease agreement. If the patient lives with a friend, they can provide a utility bill in the landlord’s name that is at least three months old with the application.

  • The applicant’s photo must be authenticated and verified by the authorized doctor on a medical certificate (Required only when the patient is admitted to the hospital)
  • latest medical reports
  • Residential Permit or Registration Certificate
  • Visa for a medical attendant

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