Coronary angioplasty

Coronary angioplasty is the procedure in which the clogged-up arteries are cleared up in the heart. 

The overall procedure involves a small balloon-shaped catheter that is inserted into the blocked or clogged-up artery and widens the artery to ensure that there is proper blood circulation to the heart and body.

In the process of widening the artery, there are many chances for the artery to get back to its original size and shape such that clogging could be feasible. Thus, a stent is attached in the place where the artery was clogged up such that the artery can’t shrink, and the blood flow process remains smooth.

The process helps in improving the blood flow the and from the heart and eliminates the condition of blocked arteries. Bu removing any blocked arteries, it helps in reduction of chest pain, shortness in breath. Also, the most prominent place where the procedure is used when the person might be having a heart attack, where the clogged-up arteries are opened up substantially to prevent future heart attacks from arising.

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