Patients Stories

Marie Louis Chantale Crouche


Marie Louis Chantale Crouche, 68 year old living in Mauritius was suffering from knee inflammation. She had severe knee pain which was affecting her regular life. She met many doctors but they were of no use. So she decided to do knee surgery for which she consulted Medserg. We took..

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Knee surgery

IPS Oberoi

Louis Frederick Vivian Crouche


Louis Frederick Vivian Crouche is a resident of Mauritius. He had an accident which caused his left hip to break and suffered severe bone fractures. He was experiencing severe pain in his hip. Gradually pain increased which  was impending  into his lifestyle. He was unable to find best treatment within..

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Hip replacement surgery

Dr. IPS Oberoi

Mrs Renu Aggarwal


Being overweight can be the problem for many as life doesn’t get any better when you have hundreds of eyeballs merely looking at you. The story of Mrs Renu Aggarwal is no different, where she faced a lot of problems when she had put on weight. Being obese, she could..

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Bariatric surgery

Dr Deep Goel

Meena Nanda


Knees play a crucial role in our lives where we need to have them irrespective of how we might treat them. So is the story of Meena Nanda who has been in great pain for 5-6 years from knee joint problem such that availing the right solution to the problem..

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knee replacement

Dr Bhushan Nariani

Ratu Waisen Veibataki Colata

Fiji Islands

Knee injuries can be fatal, but then having it for more than 27 years can certainly make it an adverse way to live life. So was the case of Ratu Waisen Veibataki Colata’s husband who suffered from a knee injury for more than 27 years. While it seems to be..

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knee surgery

Dr Rajesh Verma

Shweta Kardam.


“Skipping breakfast cost me my life,” says Shweta Kardam who was on the verge of losing her life due to failed kidney. It was back in her college days, where she realised that skipping breakfast caused some germs to enter her body and cause severe problems. Further, the problem aggravated..

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Kidney Transplantation

Dr Sunil Prakash.

Josua Sereki Sega


“It was either a life or death situation,” says 52-year-old Josua Sereki Sega who is a resident of Fiji suffering from a malfunctioning kidney. While there were not many alternatives in back in Fiji, the only options they had found through their doctors was through a lifetime of dialysis or..

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Kidney Transplant

Dr Sunil Prakash

Kalisa Brunella Iradukunda


Kalisa Brunella Iradukunda is an infant who was suffering from a rare condition of having holes in her heart. She belongs to Uganda, and the doctors over there were helpless in treating her. But then her mother didn’t give up hope. Consulting and finding out new doctors, she searched the..

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Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

Dr Dinesh Kumar Mittal and Dr Gaurav Garg

Reshmi Beghum


Shifat and Reshmi Beghum are residents of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Reshmi has been suffering from the lower back pain in her spine for almost a year and hasn’t found any conclusive solutions to the problem despite consulting several doctors in Bangladesh regarding the same. When all their efforts went in vain,..

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Spine Surgery

Dr. Sachin Khandari