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Sanfa Mohamed, a native of Maldives, had been suffering from severe pulmonary illness. Finally, he chose to visit India for the treatment. Readout his story.

I am Sanfa Mohamed from the Maldives.

What brought you to India?

I had been having a cough for a long time. Despite taking so many pills and other remedies, the cough did not go away. By each passing day, I started feeling difficulty breathing. When I consulted a doctor nearby, he told me that I had Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease after doing certain investigations. By reading about it on the internet, I realised that it was a severe condition and hence decided to visit India for the treatment. 

How did you choose the hospital in India?

During my search for my treatment in India on the internet, I found about Medserg  health. I posted my query on their website that I need a good lung doctor. Soon I received a call by one of the case managers and she took my medical reports to share them with the best pulmonologists in India. As per the doctor’s opinion, I had COPD along with bronchiectasis and needed treatment urgently. The case manager also shared the profiles of the best doctors and hospitals in India. After going through the profiles, I decided to visit Global hospital Chennai. 

Who arranged your visit to India?

Immediately after I decided to visit Global hospital Chennai, the Medserg team started working on my visa application. The case manager arranged the Visa Invitation Letter from the hospital and another team member applied for the medical visa. I received the visa at my email address within 72 hours. I reached India on the 28th of August. My airport pickup and accommodation were already arranged as per my preferences by Medserg Team. 

How was your experience in the hospital?

Shortly after my arrival, my appointment was scheduled with Dr. Rahulan who is one of the most eminent doctors. He heard me for a long time, went through my reports, performed some clinical examinations, and finally ordered some more tests. The tests confirmed that I had COPD along with bronchiectasis. After a long discussion, the doctor recommended me medical management for three months and then follow up again.

How was your overall experience in India?

Everything throughout my visit to India was pleasant. I did not have to worry about anything. The operations team executive from Medserg was always there for anything I needed. They took care of everything from my pickup, accommodation, billing, etc

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Patient Information

Full Name - Sanfa Mohamed
Age - 38
Treatment - Pulmonary Illness

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