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Finally, I decided to visit a reputable doctor in a medically advanced country such as India as my last hope wit the help of Medserg Health

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Full Name - Noori
Country - Turkmenistan
Treatment: Thyroidectomy

Throughout my life, I never had serious health issues thankfully. However, a few years back in Turkmenistan, I started experiencing swelling at the base of my neck along with difficulty in breathing. In the beginning, I ignored the warning signs. However, my condition deteriorated over time. I went to several doctors in the country but nobody suggested a sure-sort solution. In fact, some doctors labeled my condition “untreatable”.

Finally, I decided to visit a reputable doctor in a medically advanced country such as India as my last hope.

I went to one of the best hospitals in India but experienced trouble in the receiving proper treatment. Luckily, I met with a patient who had similar problems and undergone a safe treatment without going from one hospital to another. On inquiring further, I came to know about a medical travel assistance company called Medserg Health that helped Noori, the patient I happened to meet in the hospital. She mentioned Medserg Health remarkable contribution in her medical treatment. They assisted her in each step, from contacting the doctor, arranging accommodation, to follow-up care services.

Her side of the story motivated me to consult the professionals of Medserg Health. As Noori said, I was given the attended in no time, and my consultation started in a matter of few days. I was diagnosed with Goitre that was treatable and suggested a total thyroidectomy by Dr Harit Chaturvedi. After the procedure, I feel much better. As a matter of fact, this surgery was an answer to all of my problems.

I would like to show my deep gratitude to Dr Harit and Medserg Health through this narrative. Thank you!

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