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Being overweight can be the problem for many as life doesn’t get any better when you have hundreds of eyeballs merely looking at you.

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Full Name - Mrs Renu Aggarwal
Age - 32
Treatment - Bariatric surgery

Story –

The story of Mrs Renu Aggarwal is no different, where she faced a lot of problems when she had put on weight. Being obese, she could wear proper clothes; neither climbing stairs was feasible, and also it stressed her out completely. At the time, she was somewhere around 92kgs.

But when she couldn’t take it anymore, consulting her friends and family members, pushed her to check out medserg where they help her in finding the perfect hospital for her and suggested BLK hospital and to consult Dr Deep Goel who is a specialist in bariatric surgery. After a brief consultation with the doctor, she was then ready to undergo surgery and was confident and losing as much weight as possible.

After the surgery, she indeed faced problems in terms of pain for almost 15 days, but as of now, she is 67 kilo and every day is a new feeling where she doesn’t have to look in shame but can seamlessly wear any clothing articles along with carrying out daily chores was easy.

Thus, availing of the best medical service in India through medserg is a click away that can ensure that you would undoubtedly have a life-changing moment that will shed a lot of happiness and pleasure in one’s life.

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