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After reaching the hospital. I consulted the best doctors over there and they prescribed me some investigations after the treatment, and after that, my journey of the treatment was in a very fight direction because of the Medserg Team.

Even though the doctors gave her a 0% chance of survival, Mr. Abdulla never stopped living and loving life. He raced against time and accomplished a lot of her passions.

Mr. Abdulla

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Patient- Mr. Abdulla
Age - 32
Treatment- Renal Failure
Hospital- Max Hospital Saket

There are few things and certain moments in life that make an indelible mark on us. One such unforgettable event would include your doctor diagnosing cancer, a disease that many individuals and families are bravely fighting day in and day out.

The very next day I was operated on. It has been 1 month since my surgery and I can’t even put into words the happiness my surgery has brought me. I now look in the mirror with confidence and smile too! On a final note, I would say to anyone doing any type of surgery that they need to not only look at the price of the surgery but at the environment as well.

World Class Medical Treatment Using The Latest and best Technologies At Affordable Prices is done with the help of Medserg

We wish them a happy and healthy future!

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