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It was one of those extremely hot May mornings when the scorching sun was beaming down upon the chest of Angola. Emilia Filomena Dias, a 44-year-old who was born and raised in Luanda, Angola, left for work.

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Full Name - Emilia Filomena Dias
Age - 44
Treatment - Cancer

Story –

She is the director of one of the largest public sector companies in Angola, the lady’s success speaks volumes.

Being the youngest entrepreneur in Angola and reaching new heights in the Telecom sector, she achieved everything until her medical illness began to impede her work. In between work, she experienced fatigue and a rapid heartbeat. One day, she ran out of breath and passed out. Her colleagues called for an ambulance, and she was admitted to a local hospital. She exhibited symptoms such as skin pallor, light-headedness, and dizziness. 

The only terrific word in the dictionary and yes gravely the doctors diagnosed her with Leukaemia. The strongest and youngest director, who was felicitated with the Star award from Moneygram International, felt for a second that her world was falling apart until she decided to seek medical assistance from India.

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