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41 years old Dieufene Losier from Haiti gets Kidney Transplant in India

Patient Information

Full Name - Dieufene Losier
Age - 41
Treatment - Kidney Transplant in India

Story –

Dieufene Losier is a 41 years old man from Haiti. About a year ago, he was diagnosed with an end-stage renal failure. Being a physician himself, he was on dialysis for several months before coming to India. Even after having a relative who was willing to donate his kidney, Dieufene did not have proper resources for a kidney transplant.

Planning to visit India

One fine day, while he was talking to a friend about his problem, Dieufene Losier was recommended to get a kidney transplant in India, as it is a hub for medical services across the globe and contact MedsergHealth. Within a short time, he visited the website and posted his query. Soon he received a call back from one of the case managers. The case manager from MedsergHealth took the reports and shared them with the top kidney transplant hospitals in India to get the doctor’s opinion. She also shared detailed profiles of the best doctors and hospitals. After going through the profiles, Dieufene decided to visit Apollo hospital, New Delhi.

Visa arrangements 

Another team member from MedsergHealth also helped him in arranging the medical visa. The team arranged the Visa Invitation Letter from the hospital and facilitated the medical visa application. Within 72 hours of the visa application, Dieufene received his emedical visa at his email address. Thereafter, he booked the tickets and landed in India on July 24, 2019. He was received at the airport by another team member, Mahommed Sohail, who took him to the hotel, pre-arranged by the team. Sohail accompanied him during his entire duration of stay in India and took care of everything he needed.  

Experience at the hospital

Ultimately, on a scheduled date, Dieufene met Dr. Sandeep Guleria, who is one of the finest kidney transplant surgeons in India. The doctor noted a detailed medical history and patiently heard his story. He evaluated him carefully and sent him for further investigations. A series of investigations were conducted to find out the best treatment for him and if he is fit for the transplant surgery. After the reports came out clear, the surgery was scheduled and performed successfully. Dieufene stayed at the hospital for 10-15 days and then got discharged. He continued his stay in India for some time to follow up with the doctor and then flew back on September 24th 2019. 


When asked about his overall experience in India, he said, “ I thought I was going to die. But a friend of mine told me that I could get a kidney transplant in India. I was lucky to get in touch with Medserg. The operations team executive was there with me throughout. He was a friend and a guide to me, who took care of everything which I could not have dealt with otherwise. Medserg team was like a family to me, since I came to India all alone.  

I would recommend everyone to consult Medserg before coming to India.” 

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