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Akinola Yusuf Awojobi is from Nigeria recently underwent a hip replacement surgery on the right side. Read the full story to know more about his journey.

Patient Information

Full Name - Akinola Yusuf Awojobi
Age - 40
Treatment - Hip Replacement Surgery

The onset of the problem

About some time ago, Akinola started facing pain and discomfort in his right hip, especially while lying down. After enduring the pain for some time, when it did not go away on its own he consulted a doctor in Nigeria. After a long consultation and investigative tests, he was told that there that he had avascular necrosis in the hip which caused hindrance in the hip movement.

Avascular necrosis is a condition in which there is the death of bone tissue when the blood supply is obstructed. The bone gets damaged from inside and the condition is also known as osteonecrosis.


In Search of the right doctor

When he was recommended to get hip replacement surgery, Akinola started his hunt for the best orthopedic doctor in India. This was when he got to know about  Medserg Health and posted a query on the website. Shortly, he was contacted by one of the case managers who shared the reports with some of the top doctors in India and got him the treatment opinion with the best-estimated cost. After going through the profiles of some top hospitals and doctors, Akinola finally decided to visit Artemis Hospital and consult Dr. IPS Oberoi.

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