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 I would like to sincere appreciate the support from Medserg and specially I would like to extend my appreciation to Mr. Anuj and Miss. Reshma

A K M Mahamud Hossain

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Patient- A K M Mahamud Hossain
Age - 42
Treatment- Kidney Tumor
Hospital- Medanta Hospital Gurgaon

I am A K M Mahamud Hossain from Bangladesh. Few months ago, I observed bleeding in my urine, for which I consulted the best  nephrologist in India. On tests and biopsy, renal adenoma (tumor in right kidney) was diagnosed. Thereafter, the doctors referred me to India for surgery & through common friends I came across Medserg Health. At Medserg, I was assisted by Ms. ayush. He helped me get in touch with a top nephrologist in Medanta Hospital & I got my right kidney removed. I am in better health now & recovering. I am thankful to  Medserg Team who have been there with me all throughout my treatment. They have assisted me with my visa process, airport pick up, hotel booking, post treatment etc. I am satisfied with their service & would refer patients for treatment to India only via Medserg in future.

World Class Medical Treatment Using The Latest and Best Technologies At Affordable Prices is done with the help of Medserg

We wish them a happy and healthy future!

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