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Reshmi Beghum



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Dr. Sachin Khandari

Reshmi Beghum

Shifat and Reshmi Beghum are residents of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Reshmi has been suffering from the lower back pain in her spine for almost a year and hasn’t found any conclusive solutions to the problem despite consulting several doctors in Bangladesh regarding the same.

When all their efforts went in vain, Shifat researched a bit on the internet and found us. He contacted us and based on the problem, we suggested to him with some hospitals and gave him the choice of choosing the one. Based on their preference, they chose the Institute of brain and spine hospital, Rajput nagger.

After this, he was contacted by our Health manager that took care of all the paperwork in terms of visa and medical information. Thus, he then sent the medicinal visa letters to Shift, which helped them in their visa application to get approved. The total stay was for ten days, and the treatment was for four days.

Once they landed in Delhi airport, they have given complimentary pick up from the airport and took them to the Hari court international hotel, Rajput Nagar for lodging. It was entirely based on their preference where they would like to live during the treatment procedure based on the cost and comfortability.

The next day they were taken to the hospital. A Bengali translator was with them at all times such that effective communication is availed. Dr. Sachin Khandari was the doctor that was selected by us based on the problem of lower spine injury. He investigated the problem carefully, and they started the treatment for posterior cervical fixation for Reshmi Begum.

Once the treatment was carried out, all the medicines, treatment reports, and other documents were taken care of by us. For a person that has never been to India and carrying out a treatment might not be feasible by themselves. Thus, Medserg provides a holistic approach to ensuring that the best is given at all times to ensure that your treatment for any medical conditions is undertaken in the best possible manner.