Kalisa Brunella Iradukunda



Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

Dr Dinesh Kumar Mittal and Dr Gaurav Garg

Kalisa Brunella Iradukunda

Kalisa Brunella Iradukunda is an infant who was suffering from a rare condition of having holes in her heart. She belongs to Uganda, and the doctors over there were helpless in treating her. But then her mother didn’t give up hope. Consulting and finding out new doctors, she searched the internet to find out the hospital in India where she could find the best of treatment. She came across Medserg, which provided her with the tools that she required to get the medical assistance that she needed. Hence, after giving all the medical records and other documents of Kalisa, she was directed to contact Fortis, Shalimar Bagh because of their dedicated department in pediatric cardiology.

Over here, when she contacted them, she was surprised to see that the records had been exchanged between Medserg and the hospital and the doctors were well aware of Kalisa’s condition. Dr Dinesh Kumar Mittal and Dr Gaurav Garg were the doctors attending the case and were very humble towards her and provided the best in class treatment options and services. Through their medical assistance, Kalisa was cured of her heart condition and showed significant signs of improvement in terms of health and functionality. Through Medserg, she was not only able to find the right hospital, but she was able to consult the right doctors and also avail the best medical services that the country has to offer.