Josua Sereki Sega


Kidney Transplant

Dr Sunil Prakash

Josua Sereki Sega

“It was either a life or death situation,” says 52-year-old Josua Sereki Sega who is a resident of Fiji suffering from a malfunctioning kidney. While there were not many alternatives in back in Fiji, the only options they had found through their doctors was through a lifetime of dialysis or kidney transplant. While all efforts went in vain, Josua checked out Medserg and enlisted all the problems that he faced. After a detailed analysis of the situation, BLK hospital was advised by our consultancy firm based on the problem to ensure that he receives the right type of treatment possible.

Once he was admitted in the hospital, he was then given special attention and care by Dr Sunil Prakash who also happens to be the Sr. consultant and director in the Department of Nephrology and renal transplantation. He carefully went through the reports and kidney transplant while the donor being Josua’s son Tikiko, he was back to excellent health in just under three months. In this manner, Josua has to say that BLK hospital has provided the best in class services and the best hospitality services possible. It feels like home and would most probably stay here if possible.

Hence, in this manner, Medserg, not only provides the best recommendations in terms of the hospital but also provides the ones that would suit all your requirements in terms of medical and hospital requirements in the country.