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Is cancer a hereditary disease? If yes, how can it be passed to offspring?

Cancer and Genetics- Is Cancer Inherited from Parents?

Cancer is a disease caused by changes in the genetic material of cells. These changes, known as “mutations,” can be inherited from a person’s parents or acquired during a person’s lifetime. Inherited mutations are present in every body cell, while acquired mutations are typically found only in tumor cells.

A cancer-related genetic alteration in your family does not guarantee that you will develop the disease. It implies an elevated chance of developing cancer. Inherited genetic alterations may account for up to 10% of all cancers.

Most cancers are caused by mutations that arise exclusively within the cancerous cells or tissues rather than by an inherited, hereditary vulnerability. The great majority of cancers emerge by chance due to what we call “sporadic mutations,” with only 5% to 10% caused by genes that we are born with.

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Genetic mutations can cause changes in the function of cells, leading to uncontrolled growth and cancer development. Some genetic mutations may also make a person more susceptible to developing cancer, but they do not directly cause cancer.

Many different types of genetic mutations can lead to cancer development, and researchers are constantly working to understand the genetic basis of this disease.

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  • Some DNA alterations, for example, increase the quantities of proteins that tell cells to keep growing. Other DNA modifications reduce the quantities of proteins that signal when cells should cease growing. Furthermore, some DNA alterations prevent proteins from telling cells to self-destruct when they are damaged.
  • Scientists believe that more than one DNA alteration is required for a healthy cell to become malignant. Cancer-related genetic modifications require fewer further changes in people who have inherited them.

There are many different types of genetic mutations that can cause cancer. Some of the most common types of genetic changes that can lead to cancer include:

  1. Point mutations: Point mutations are changes in a single DNA base. These mutations can alter a gene’s function, leading to cancer development.
  2. Insertions and deletions: Insertions and deletions are changes in the number of DNA bases in a gene. These mutations can cause genes to malfunction, leading to cancer development.
  3. Chromosomal rearrangements: Chromosomal rearrangements are changes in the structure of chromosomes. These mutations can lead to the activation of oncogenes (genes that promote the growth of cancer cells) or the inactivation of tumor suppressor genes (genes that inhibit the growth of cancer cells), resulting in cancer development.
  4. Epigenetic changes: Epigenetic changes are changes in how genes are expressed without changing the DNA sequence. These changes can affect the function of genes, leading to cancer development.

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Some types of cancer are hereditary, meaning they can be passed down from one generation to the next through changes in the genetic material of cells. These inherited genetic mutations are present in every body cell and can increase a person’s risk of developing certain types of cancer.

It is important to note that an inherited genetic mutation does not necessarily mean a person will develop cancer. Many people with inherited genetic mutations never develop the disease, and even those who do may not develop it until later in life.


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