Dr. Ahmet Alanay

Spine Surgeon

  • Dr. Ahmet Alanay is a renowned¬†Spine Surgeon, Orthopaedist and Traumatologist, practicing successfully for more than 23 years.
  • His area of specialization covers Paediatric and Adult Spinal Disorders.
  • He is skilled in surgeries for spinal deformities, Scoliosis and Kyphosis, etc.
  • He is instrumental in introducing new approaches of spine surgery such as Vertebroplasty technique for vertebral fractures, Neuro-monitorization technique for scoliosis surgeries, magnetically controlled growing rods for early-onset Scoliosis and Anterior Thoracoscopic tethering technique for scoliosis treatment in Turkey.
  • He is also engaged in training future surgeons across the globe.
  • He has also received numerous National and International awards for his contribution to spine surgery.

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